A Pretty Tattoo Inspired Wedding

It’s great to stand out from the crowd so today I’m bringing you a beautiful alternative wedding style.

Every bride is unique and stunning in her own way, so why not reflect that in your big day. Take something that really showcases your personality as a couple and inject into your wedding to make a day that is truly about the two of you.

Today’s wedding mood board features a pretty tattoo theme that runs from the bride herself to the stationery, the cake and beyond.

Tattoo Inspired wedding mood board

All images sourced from Pinterest

Finding the right tattoo design was the first step to creating today’s mood board. I wanted to find a style that was traditional in terms of tattoo design, whilst still remaining romantic. There were lots of bright and bold examples but I fell in love with this whimsical take on the traditional birds and hearts tattoo. I love the vintage feel in both the design and the colours, so this formed the basis of today’s colour scheme. Pantone colours: Tender Peach (12-0912 TCX), Pink Dogwood (12-1706 TCX), Vintage Indigo (19-3929 TCX) and Blue Indigo (19-3928 TCX).

From this, a beautiful bouquet of purple and blue blooms is the perfect choice. The pink roses in this bouquet keep the traditional, vintage element. The bouquet is equally stunning offset against these ombre purple bridesmaids dresses.

The vintage feel continues with a fete style reception space and the pale blue retro wedding car.

illage halls are an underestimated gem when it comes to wedding receptions. They are usually incredibly good value for money, have a sense of community, and there’s normally free reign to create any style that you want. The perfect blank canvas!

When choosing a wedding theme, you can make it as subtle or as bold as you like. For this look, the tattoo theme runs from the initial stationery to the wedding cake, but you can even run it beyond your wedding to the wedding favors your guests take home! For a bit of fun, I’ve featured this Tattoo station, where guests can choose a temporary tattoo as a (short term) momentum of your day.

If you’re really brave and your guests are willing, you could even push the boat out with a live tattoo artist – or have your wedding ring fingers tattooed after the service!

The possibilities are endless…

How are you planning to inject personality into your big day? I’d love to hear from you!

A Great Gatsby Metallic Wedding

A popular theme in wedding land at the moment is of course the stunning Great Gatsby. With the clean cut groomsmen, shimmering dresses and glittering accessories, it’s not difficult to see why! And such a beautiful look deserves a mood board all of its own – so tonight I bring you, The Gatsby Wedding.

Mixing metallic colours with flamboyant feathers I think this look really captures the decadent 1920′s look and feel.

A Great Gatsby Wedding Mood Board

All images sourced from Pinterest

For tonight”s mood board I”ve drawn inspiration from Pantone colours: Golden Mist (13-0624 TCX), Silver Green(12-6204 TPX), Purple Potion (19-2430 TCX) and Pink Flambe (18-2133 TCX).

The metallic gold and silver give this a lavish, elegant look, whilst the purple and pink tones keep the overall feel feminine.

Choose classic stationery like this with an elaborate font to reflect the grandeur of your day. I love the art deco inspired pattern on the inside of the golden envelope to give a taste for the day to come.

The Gatsby look gives you the ideal opportunity to glam up to the nines! Create a look of the roaring 20′s with an embellished dress, glittering shoes, and an elaborate headpiece.

The feather is a stylish motif that you can run through your entire day. Use large feathers and candelabra displays to bring a touch of luxury to your reception space, and even use hanging feathers as a unique table plan with escort cards!

For added luxury, serve champagne cocktails. You can even add sparklers for extra wow!

Treat guests to a classic cake that reflects your day. I’ve chosen this cake as I love how each tier represents a different element of your day: the metallic bottom layer to reflect your colour scheme and materials, the embellished middle to reflect your dress, and the simple top tier to keep the look classic

A Romantic Green and Pink Seaside Wedding

I love the idea of a seaside wedding. There’s something about being by the sea that is both romantic and calming -something in the ebb and flow that can be quite hypnotic. Not to mention the nostalgia it invokes of childhood days eating chips and having ice creams at the beach.

So many seaside weddings have adopted the nautical look, but I’d like to see a more romantic, dreamy look that’s still modern and fresh.

Green and pink seaside wedding mood board

All images sourced from Pinterest

I’ve started out with an ice cream inspired colour scheme of pinks and greens. Tonight’s mood board uses Pantone colours: Whisper White (11-0701 TCX), Dogwood Pink (12-1706 TCX), Hot Pink (17-1937 TCX), Paradise Green (13-0220 TCX) and Gossamer Green(13-5907 TCX). The whimsical look is initially created on the wedding stationery, with a water coloured background and a floaty font.

The use of succulents in the bridal bouquet, the reception décor and the guest favours are a great way of making the look modern and edgy. Adding driftwood and seaside features like starfish bring the beach feel together.

Keep your venue clean. I love the simplicity of this ceremony space so as not to detract from the most important part of your big day. Plus no frills is a lot kinder on your budget!

Choose dresses with floaty materials for a romantic feel, and lighter colours for your groom to complement the beach theme.

Top off your day with one last pretty touch – a pink soft iced wedding cake!

Purple Steampunk Wedding

A cutting edge theme for tonight’s mood board – Steampunk is a brand new (or rather old) look that has inspired designers and brides alike in the past few months. Going forward through 2014, this modern day twist on the Victorian industrial age is set to grow in popularity. This look is all about Victorian fashion mixed with industrial decor.

I’ve chosen a rich colour scheme of plum with a vintage cream to realise this Steampunk wedding mood board. The Pantone colour’s that make up this palette are: Prune Purple (19-1608 TCX), Goldfinch (12-0737 TCX) and Champagne Beige (14-1012 TPX).

Purple Steampunk wedding mood board

All images sourced from Pinterest

A Victorian style for your wedding stationary helps to set the tone of your Steampunk wedding. The invitation I have chosen for this mood board gives a subtle nod to the Victorian style, whilst not focusing too much on the theme of the day. For thematic weddings it can be tempting to go full steam ahead (pardon the pun) on all of the small details. A balance of themed features and subtle teasers can help to keep the look and feel of your wedding sophisticated and stylish.

One of the best aspects of your day to really bring your Steampunk theme to life is on your wedding party attire. Victorian skirts combined with figure hugging corsets offer a dramatic look for Steampunk brides. Team this with a vintage waistcoat and high collar on your Steampunk groom. A top hat and Steampunk glasses are great accessories for you husband to be and his best man.

Your cake is another great opportunity to really have some fun with a themed wedding. This one is a stunning example including some essential Steampunk elements: the top hat, the corset, the industrial gears and the Victorian glasses.

Gears are an interesting motif to include in your Steampunk wedding. Include them on statement costume jewellery, or throughout your reception décor. With the invention of electricity dedicated to the Victorian era, the decorative use of light bulbs at your wedding venue are also an ideal touch.

This is a bold theme to choose for your wedding, which can have stunning, unique results. How do you feel about the Steampunk trend?

A Coral and Navy Outdoor Summer Wedding

Tonight’s wedding mood board was inspired by a unique feature which I’ve never before come across: a personal picnic hamper for each one of your wedding guests. I love this idea, giving each person their own basket full of goodies for a relaxed summertime wedding.

This led me on to a beautiful modern colour scheme of coral and navy, and a simple outdoor reception.

Coral and Navy Summer Wedding

All images sourced from Pinterest

This mood board is inspired by Pantone colours: Bijou Blue (18-3921 TPX), Peach Pink (15-1530 TCX), Beige (14-1118TCX) and Pearled Ivory (11-0907 TCX). These latter tones give the look an earthy, country feel.

The choice of wedding stationery introduces both the colour scheme and the country feel of this wedding. The cute carving in the tree is a nice whimsical touch that sets the tone for the relaxed outdoor wedding.

This relaxed feel can be carried through to your wedding outfits. A Grecian style for your wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses means romantic loose flowing fabrics, and a low maintenance feel. Keep your bridal style similar with free flowing curls for your hair and understated natural make up. No jacket for your groom will also help to make this wedding feeling casual.

Summer is the perfect time for an outdoor wedding, but with the Great British weather not always on our side, opt for a tented reception. This tipi style tent adds great character to your day, and will only need small, simple touches to help finish off the look.

Painted mason jars are the ideal accessory for homespun wedding receptions. Fill with seasonal blooms to add texture and colour to your decor.

For me, the piste de resistance of this wedding are those charming personal picnic hampers. They’re a unique and budget friendly way of feeding your guests, and you can have fun adding your own touches that really reflect your personalities. Add a flask with your favourite hot soup; a cosy blanket to match your colour scheme and keep your guests warm long into the evening; and bits and bobs that make the day special to you.

What do you think of this unique DIY catering?

Summer Loving: a relaxed yet elegant wedding look

With so much dreary weather over the last few months, I thought it about time to spread a little sunshine. And what better way than with some beautiful summer wedding inspiration!

For me, summer evokes happiness. Long summer evenings spent having BBQs with friends; long afternoons in the garden as a child blowing bubbles. In tonight’s mood board I wanted to capture the essence of summer and see how that might translate to your big day.

For this look I’ve started out with a neutral palette to keep it feeling elegant. Then, when I add in bright and bold accent colours, they really do pop. Tonight’s board takes inspiration from Pantone colours: Champagne Beige (14-1012 TPX), Flaming Orange (15-1157 TPX), Virtual Pink (187-1856 TCX) and Paradise Pink (17-1755 TPX).

Summer wedding mood board

All images sourced from Pinterest

This bridal party style is the perfect mix of ”relaxed elegance”. The stunning champagne bridesmaid dresses and bling encrusted bridal shoes add a touch a luxury; whilst the groom’s light waistcoat and shirt ensemble gives a smart yet laid back feel.

This mix continues through to the reception space. The chairs are covered with elegant white tulle bows; a whimsical fairy light backdrop hangs as a feature; and guests are encouraged to relax with fun bubble favours at every table.

The laid back vibe carries through to the stationery and on the cake topper with a relaxed script-like font.

But the extinguishing feature of this wedding is that beautiful hot mix of orange and pink, which we get from beautiful summer blooms. Add colour and vibrancy to your bridal party with bright, colourful flowers – and run these through to your reception as centrepieces.

The thing I love most about this wedding is that it can look completely different by using different flowers in alternative colours. The neutral base allows you to add whatever accent colour you like, so visit your local florist and get experimenting. Be sure to ask their advise about seasonal blooms.

One colour scheme – two different wedding looks

Tonight I wanted to bring you a fresh, modern look that would be perfect for a Spring wedding. And in fact, I’ve brought you two!

Tonight’s post shows you how one beautiful colour scheme can be reworked to create two very different looks: Slick City Wedding, and Down to Earth Home Spun Wedding. And to do it, I’m using a pretty combination of yellow and grey.

Both looks start out with a base colour scheme of Pantone colours: Dull Gull Gray (18-0403 TPX), Yellow C, and Agate Gray (15-6307 TPX).

All images sourced from Pinterest

Yellow and grey city wedding

All images sourced from Pinterest

This city inspired wedding concentrates more on the darker grey tones, giving a modern, almost industrial feel. The stationery sets the tone for the wedding with a clean grey silhouetted skyline.

The look is simple, and the design is modern with extra pages for further information and RSVP details.

The city bride is a modern woman, and what better way to bring your wedding right up to date than with a daring, statement dress. I love how risqué this lace example is whilst still staying classy and sophisticated. Team this with a sleek, grey suit for your groom.

You can even have fun by hiring a yellow NYC cab for your unique grand arrival!

Keep your ceremony space simple adding splashes of colour by adorning the edge of the aisle with yellow flower heads.

An industrial setting would be a perfect choice for your reception venue: a clean space for you to add your own touches. These giant letters are a great statement, and the fun touches of colour help to keep the whole look fun and fresh.

homespun yellow and grey wedding

All images sourced from Pinterest

It’s incredible how simply shifting the balance of colour will produce a completely different look. Here we have exactly the same colour scheme, yet this time we focus more on the yellow. This is perfect for a light, bright country wedding: a feel that is instantly created with the invitations. The string used here has a traditional rustic charm, combined with a modern up to date font.

Incorporating yellow in the bridal party immediately brings a fresh vibrant look for your wedding. The yellow shoes are a fun, playful touch. Try leaving the jacket out of your groom’s suit for a relaxed feel.

A marquee is the perfect backdrop for this relaxed, country wedding. Fill it with yellow and grey touches – daffodils are a great flower to use for your decoration for a Spring wedding.

Remember, mood boards are great for seeing what colours work well together. Experiment with how you can create different looks with your favourite colour combinations.

A Green and Gold Grown-up Wedding

For a show stopping wedding with extra ”wow” an opulent colour scheme of deep greens and luxurious golds is a great start!

This mood board draws together Pantone colours: Green Olive (17-0535 TPX), Cream Gold (13-0739 TPX), Friar Brown (19-1230 TCX) and Silver Fern (15-0719  TPX).

Green and gold wedding mood board

All images sourced from Pinterest

Be daring with your wedding attire – choose original cuts for your bridesmaids, or a unique material for your groomsmen. This green velvet smoking jacket brings a wonderfully decadent feel. You can even be brave and opt for a gold dress or champagne wedding dress – or try a detailed, embellished design for a Gatsby feel.

Continue your day of decadence with fine dining, champagne towers, live music and dancing. Choose luxury touches to decorate your reception space like elaborate gold frames for table numbers and/or seating plans, and green wine bottles as centrepieces.

Midnight Blue, Calla Lillies and Fairy Lights

This midnight blue mood board all started when I came across the gorgeous blue tulle flower girl dress. On paper it seems like an unusually bold colour for a flower girl, but I think it”s a refreshing alternative that really works. (Plus the little girl in the photograph reminded me of myself when I was a child, the cute brown curls especially!) So naturally I had to feature this in one of our boards.  

And aren’t I glad I did! The result is a romantic, unique wedding style…

midnight blue wedding with fairy lights and calla lillies

All images sourced from Pinterest

The colour scheme is dominated by midnight blue, with accents of gold to keep it luxurious, and green to keep it fresh.  The Pantone colours I have used in this mood board are Midnight Navy (19-4110 TPX), Macaw Green (16-0230 TCX) and Goldfinch (12-0737 TPX).  The look is interspersed with white to keep it looking clean, bright and bridal.

I love the simplicity of this invitation – it establishes the main colour and theme for the wedding. The fairy lights give a clue to the reception space, but also offer a relaxed feel.

The bridal party look stunning in the shade of blue, and using the bridesmaid’s white calla lillies really pop against the dark background of the dress.  Have your groom wear navy blue to keep the look consistent, and add gold to make him stand out.  A traditional white wedding dress would work perfectly with this look, or for something a little different, try gold.

Running the tulle theme through from your ceremony pews, to your reception space will keep the overall look together. Combined with fairy lights in the reception and gypsophila for your ceremony gives a lovely romantic feel.  

Opt for a simple white wedding cake and make a statement with a blue car to keep on theme.  A great wedding combining bold, unique ideas and simple touches.

A Romantic Rustic Wedding

There’s something about a romantic home spun wedding that gives a warm, welcoming feel; particularly a rustic country inspired wedding like this one. Today I’m bringing you rich brown and blue tones to create a cosy relaxed rustic wedding that is guaranteed to warm the hearts of you and your guests…

Rustic wedding mood board

All images sourced from Pinterest

Based on a colour palette of Pantones: Friar Brown (19-1230 TCX), Estate Blue(19-4027 TCX) and Silver Green (12-6204 TPX), this wedding look would suit any time of year, but I think would be particularly perfect for a Spring wedding. The darker tones will keep a cosy, warm feel against the crisper Spring air.

The idea behind this look is to keep it simple, starting with this beautiful stationery. The brown paper, which could be recycled paper to give an even earthier feel, along with the blue accents, gives a taste for your chosen colours. The intricate font choice brings the invitations to life, adding beauty and grandness to your day.

For the bridal party, choose understated dresses for your bridesmaids – these knee length dresses combined with cowgirl boots will make them feel comfortable whilst still looking beautiful. The cowgirl boots on this flower girl are adorable, and give a whimsical, down to earth look. Tweed and a tie are a good way of keeping the groom”s style smart yet relaxed and in keeping with your understated look.

For a Spring wedding, a beautiful bouquet of blues and greens is an ideal choice. For this look I’ve chosen to feature dusty miller and thistles.

To achieve a rustic home spun look, the reception space is all about simple textures and clever DIY makes. Adding materials like twine and Hessian give an instant country feel, and these large letters are an easy, cost effective way to decorate your space. Another simple project is to spray paint mason jars with your wedding colours, which you can use to hold candles or flowers.

Home made favors are perfect for adding that personal touch to your wedding, so experiment with jams and chutneys, and present in pretty jars.

I love the idea of using wooden crates and fairy lights as a fun feature or alternative surface for your guest book or wedding gifts. You should be able to pick these up from your local grocers or even food market stalls.

Most importantly, have fun making your wedding your own. Getting stuck in to a little DIY can be so rewarding and brings a bit of your personalities to your day. Bridesmaids and mums love to help – so get everyone involved. It could be a great way to introduce your friends and family if they don’t already know each other. The ultimate ice breaker!